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Heather Erler is an incredibly talented and well-trained massage therapist. She interacts with her clients with great sensitivity and professionalism and has created a beautiful healing environment for her work. Under Heather's patient and skillful care, I have recovered this year from chronic rotator cuff inflammation and general upper back trauma and congestion. Heather's energy and stamina are amazing, as is her joyful approach to her work and her sincere commitment to the well-being of her clients. I feel very blessed to have found Heather through her website—she's a true gem!
Merril N., Barrington, RI

Heather has provided me with an invaluable additional therapy to help me heal from a lower back injury, and it's now part of a maintenance program, along with physical exercise, that allows me to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Her technique gave me immediate relief, and I very much recommend her approach for healing and for improving flexibility. Her massage studio and environs are professional and provide the right vibe to stimulate healing.
Jon F., Bristol, RI

Several years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis after twenty-four years in the military and law enforcement careers. In addition to those physically challenging careers, I have also been a competitive weight lifter for nearly twenty-six years. Over the course of those years I have required many types of physical therapy as well as various other treatments to remedy the injuries and conditions caused by my demanding lifestyle. I have been a client of Heather's for approximately one year, and during that time she has tailored my treatments to address my specific issues, significantly reducing the rigidity and discomfort caused by the degenerative arthritis. Heather's pleasant and professional personality creates a relaxing, comfortable, and therapeutic environment where her clients can achieve the maximum benefit from her services. Whether you are seeking therapeutic treatment for a medical condition or simply want a relaxing massage treatment I highly recommend Heather Erler.
Jeff A., Bristol, RI

I wasn't interested in getting a relaxation massage. I had real issues with shoulder and neck pain that chiropractic just wasn't resolving. After months of treatments, hundreds of dollars and only minimal improvement that never seemed to last, I decided to give massage a try. Never have I had a more thorough massage in my life! Heather gave me exactly what I wanted: targeted therapy and valuable information. The improvement I have experienced after just one visit is amazing. I have no doubt that after one or two more visits my shoulder and neck issue will finally be completely resolved. I will continue to recommend Heather very highly.
Danielle B., West Warwick, RI

"It is so difficult to find a massage therapist who is consistent, not only consistently good, but also someone who exhibits the same, consistent warmth of personality and healing care in every session. This is Heather. Her massages are always tailored and I am always left rejuvenated and refreshed. I highly recommend her. She is genuinely passionate about what she does, which I find so refreshing.
Neal B., Rumford RI

I am an MS patient with drop foot. Heather has for a number of months stretched my ankle and muscles to relieve some of the spasm in the area. She is very detailed and professional with a pleasant manner.
Frank V., Barrington, RI

I've been going to Heather regularly for about a year now and the massages have helped me tremendously in my everyday life. I have less stress, more restful sleep, and fewer migraines compared to before. Heather is always so cheerful and her massaging techniques work great for me. Therapy is now something I look forward to!
K.H., Seekonk, MA

I have severe arthritis, which is disabling. Heather has been giving me massage therapy for a while now. Some of the benefits I have from it are: better circulation, sores healed, and pain reduction. Another thing I appreciate about Heather is she comes to my home for my treatments. She is very respectful and does not make you feel uncomfortable. She is also trustworthy and I feel comfortable having her in my home.
Antonetta S., Barrington, RI

I am a 52 year-old male with 30 years of experience visiting many massage therapists. I have tried male and female therapists, hotel and spa therapists, airport therapists, and others that have advertised or been recommended. Heather Erler is without a doubt the finest therapist I have used. Besides being a great therapist, Heather is friendly, kind, and always focused on me. When my ankle was broken, Heather came to my house, even in terrible weather. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants massage for therapeutic or physical need. She is the best.
Craig A., Cranston, RI

I first came to Heather with very tight muscles and pain in my lower back, and with periodic sessions throughout the year, she has been able to work into the deeper muscles and relieve the pain that used to bother me. My posture is now significantly better because she's loosened up some of the tight muscles that have contributed to my previously poor posture. When I get migraines, she focuses on my head and neck, and after an hour, without medicine, my migraine disappears. I think it's difficult to find a massage therapist like Heather who knows how to handle each situation when it presents itself. I feel significantly healthier since I've started treatment.
Monica K., Riverside, RI

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